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MTS History

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MTS Philosophy

Merry Treasure School a.k.a Merry Toddlers School is guided by the philosophy that "Every Child is a Treasure."

We believe that:

  • God is the loving Creator who creates all men in His likeness thus everyone is a treasure.
  • Education to be effectual must be Christ-centered.
  • We are committed to help propagate the care of God’s creation through preservation of nature and ecology.
  • We are Filipinos who are responsible in uplifting our society and in supporting the development of our country.
  • Education can be acquired from an atmosphere of understanding, love and respect among members of the MTS community.

MTS Mission
As an educational institution with Catholic orientation, Merry Treasure School a.k.a. Merry Toddlers School inculcates Christian values and nurtures spiritual growth through prayers and Gospel-based discipline.

As a Filipino school, Merry Treasure School a.k.a. Merry Toddlers School strives to become an effective instrument in inculcating patriotism, nationalism and appreciation of the culture endowments and wealth of the country, as well as the role of national heroes in upholding the country’s democracy.

As a center of learning, Merry Treasure School a.k.a. Merry Toddlers School endeavors to develop knowledge, skills, attributes, values and experiences necessary to equip the individual learner a desire for lifelong learning and a deeper sense of self-worth towards the realization of a real treasure within himself to be of service to God, to the country and to his fellowmen.

MTS Vision
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MTS School Seal

MTS School Seal

The school carries two separate seals: one for Merry Toddlers’ School (Preschool Department) and another for the Merry Treasure School (Grade School and High School).

The Preschool logo is depicted by the series of circles. Within the core is a picture of three children, three treasures-each different from the rest. Loving and nurturing them are the very reason of the school’s existence.

The succeeding complete circles stand for one of the aims of MTS, and that is the full completion of different facets of the children’s personality while they are on the preschool. Thence, the final circle with scallops represents the full “bloom” of the child expected of him as they graduate from the preschool level.

The second seal is depicted by 3 significant symbols

Letter M, in heart-shape symbolizes the heart of every MTS administrator, teachers and staff, inspired by the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, zealous of guiding every child, every treasure.

Letter T, as the star, symbolizes the Bright Morning Star, Jesus Christ who is the center of MTS education.

Letter S, the blue and white ribbons aiming towards the Bright Morning Star. They carry the school motto “Every child is a treasure.” They symbolize the quest to develop the children into morally and academically upright treasures of Heaven.

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